Lynn (alceria) wrote in disaster_watch,

Hi I just joined, though I've been eyeing this community.

I found a folder on nasa's site with incredible images of hurricanes from the last few years. (I suggest viewing the folder by file size and looking at the bigger stuff.)

This is now my desktop:

And this is an amazing image of flooding:

I just came back from Punta Gorda, FL a little over a week ago, where I was helping clean up after Hurricane Charley. Unfortunately I didn't get many intersting pictures while I was there....I was too busy removing wreckage. Frances looks like it's going to be twice as bad. Part of me wishes I could be down there to witness it. I wasn't in FL when Charley hit - and I know the house can stand 145mph winds now. :) Not to minimize the damage or suffering to everyone down there, but I love violent storms and it would be awesome to see this bad boy first hand.
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